Saturday, February 21, 2015

Travelling starts!!! :)

21st February 2015 @ 2152H

                                               Melaka.February 2015

-Hard ROck Cafe,Melaka's Interior.

Lunch in Hard Rock Cafe...and I forgot the name of the menu !!!

My Cendol Biasa- served in a very creative holder
 Some love will remain forever.Just like going for a short getaway as  part of travelling.

I kicked off my travel plans of this year by spending a weekend in the historical city of Malaysia,Melaka onn 14th till 15th February.
Started the journey on Saturday morning at 9 am ,and reached Melaka before noon.
Got on my foot and walked through the small narrow streets of the city which held fond memories of history..I could reminisce the facts once really captivated me during the empowerement of the portugese,dutch and british soldiers.
The weather was scorching hot however the wind was very kind to me.
Being in Melaka,besides visiting the A;famosa fort,Stadhuys building,st,paul's church and the a walk along the river,food is definitely a must try.Did not try the famous baba nyonya foods as a friend requested to have lunch in Hard Rock Cafe beside the river- food was scrumptious and the interior was such a sight in the Hard Rock.I was taken away by the number of guitars which was framed to decorate the empty walls.The old rock songs with video clips on the large plasma television made the lunch enoyable.
Walked on and a must try in Melaka is durian cendol.I am not a fan of durian hence took the cendol biasa and yes,it was delicious.
Continued the journey,before hitting the jonker street again,watched a new release in AEON Bandaraya and dined in Geography Cafe.Arrived around 10pm and since it's Valentine's day,the cafe was swamped with customers.Personally,loved the ambience in the cafe.It also caters live music by talented singers.Took small bites of snacks and strolled again along the Jonker Street to find for eateries.
On 15th February,turned myself into a 5 year old kid and got myself thrown into the waters of the A'Famosa water park.
All in all,it was a good short getaway which really helped to rejunevate and to be away from the hectic air of the capital.
And the next flight soon on the 28th February 2015 :)


Monday, August 18, 2014

The story of my life in 2 images..

18th August 2014 @2051 H

all i want to do at this moment-anytime,anywhere..

Monday, March 31, 2014

31st March 2014 @ 2240

Experiences gained,lessons learned.

By now,I would have been labelled by not much of a blogger by anyone who had visited by abandoned blog.Things were really hectic,though my blog has always been behind my hind brain,the thought of penning down a new entry has always been adjourned.It's been a year since my last entry.There were times,I wanted to completely shut down my whole blog however,the joy of making an entry back in Russian Federation,the good moments and feelings behind each entries that I had put up,averted me from doing so.

So,what's new with me you may ask?Life had shared its ups and downs with me.I completed my housemanship of 2 years,and currently a Medical  Officer,somewhere in a southern state of Malaysia.Experiences gained,lessons learned.New friends made,the old ones not forgotten.Yet,still missing the days of being in previous workplace and the memorable moments back there.

It's a wole new life,yes,different form back in overseas when you are staying alone and now as a working adult.Often there were crossroads,but good intentions and the heart to serve as well as remembering Hippocratic oath has always been my pillar of strength in facing each and every day.After all,being a doctor not an easy job,you know ;)

Had passed few phases of life and another is peeking from far,which will bring me to another height.At times,I do wonder 'will I be able to get through all these and realise my ambition?' 'is it one of the disadvantages of being a lady? ' I have no concrete answer for my very own questions.Repeatedly telling myself, 'yes,you can and go for it!'... it's better to give a try rather than not to try at all.

With brain cells seem to be dying after the long hour of studies in medical school,I'm so positive I need to buckle up and not to get lagged behind too far in chasing my dreams as I do need some balanced life to enjoy and look forward too,which includes travelling around the world.I promise,that will be soon.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013,let it unfold..

                                                  I will make it happen..2013,be kind,allright?;)

1st January 2013 @1958

First day of 2013.I'm still alive to see the world on 2013 despite Mayan calendar's prediction.I'm greatful for another day and another year(fingers crossed) that await me.

I don't make resolutions but there are few things that I would like to change to make myself better.I'm not the person who will accept remarks from others,not that me being a perfectionist but in my view,no one is perfect,so commenting/making remarks on others should never be encouraged.

I'd like to 'correct' myself before it gets detrimental.I'm going to:


2.control my TEMPER

3.learn how to ACCEPT people who are different from me.

4.put up a SMILE even on rough days

5.BLAME only myself on bumpy rides

6.GIVE  my best

7.SPEND wisely

8.not to JUDGE others

9.THINK more than to SPEAK more

10.keep my CALM all the time

11.get more SLEEP

12.priotize my HEALTH,once again HAPPY

14.not to lose CONFIDENCE  & FAITH at any time!

15.BELIEVE in what I presume true my PASSION

First day of new year,had past midnight outing with brother and a close friend,initial plan diverted to Mc'd and arrived home past 3 in the morning.Woke up at 6 am and punched in for work at 7.10am(hopefully I won't be late for the rest of the year!).Morning rounds to begin with then waited for a good friend to finish her on call,headed for lunch in Greentown Business Center.I was glad to see smile back on her face though her pretty eyes were swollen and sunken.But just the thought of her getting happy,able to eat and sleep well,makes my day:) Dearie,the brand new year awaits you,so will you please get back to your old self?

Happy New Year Everyone! :)

with much love,



Saturday, December 29, 2012

not to give up,ever.

29th December 2012 @ 1540 H

They say housemanship is all about learning the skills and working experience which we had never experienced in Medic School.I totally agree on that point,only if you allow me to add this;housemanship is also all about learning how to painfully digest the mistakes of others when they are hurled at you,housemanship is how to make your adipose layer thick(hoping that nothing said will affect you,which is absolutely false unless you're one heartless person!)by persistently approaching your sarcastic superior for consultation,housemanship is learning to not to wash off your hands in the mid way thinking someone else (as promised) will take care of it,housemanship is all about being all in one in a day's work(that includes in doing every other people's jobs including yours).

Working in different departments made my eyes open to few things.In my previous posting where only 1 lady is a MO,the working environment was more fun as it wasn't emotionally inclined.Specialists ( with exception of a few) do not scold you.It was more of an 'stern tone'..which I won't describe as getting all blown up.Definitely,girls have the most advantage when the environment is conquered by the Adams.I'm sure you don't need an explanation why but at the same time,it feels awkward to get caught in between all of them when you're working as every pair of eyes will be directed at you when your eyes mercilessly point to everyone that you're lost in their conversation.At that moment,the uncomfortable feeling will engulf you and you just wish to sink into the floor.Otherwise,working with the Adams team seems more rewarding,easily approachable when your are in doubt and less stressful compared to where I am now.

The current department where I am now is adrenaline rush enviroment(well, that's what the ones work who work there makes it look like!) coupled with excessive emotions ,including the Adam team who work there.Will it ever get better?If a MO cannot maintain his/her calm,how do a young HO like me to begin with?Identified nice souls in this department and atleast now I can question them when I'm not clear on something and it feels good,unlike how it was few weeks ago when I missed my previous posting and my highly respected mentor.I'm convinced now that,somehow,things will get better as it goes.

Otherwise,for me,housemanship period is where I am learning not to ever give up on what I'm doing and whatever that may come/seems to be hard,will eventually pass and make things easier,and that;s only when I don;t give up,ever.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Love and Dream.

                                                   Love and Dream...:) a revisit needed..

19th December 2012 @ 2235

I grew up being  someone who craves for novels.I love them to the extreme.My first ever most sought after novelist during teen age was Franchine Pascal who penned down more than 50 books of Sweet Valley Twins.The teen novels were hot selling books in the MPH/Popular or any book stores.I remember being a weekly visitor to the state public library to grab as many books as I could as Dad totally had a different opinion on buying novels with price tag,well who wouldn't when I don't re-read the novels subsequently they  just end up being lifelessly paraded on my shelves.Selfishly,I used to hide the books on top of the shelves in library so no one could lay their hands on the novels till I finish reading them.Yes,I know I was being selfish but...:)Exchanging books with friends became another alternative...those were the days of living in fairy tale world which took me to Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University.As I advanced further,Sidney Sheldon and Michael Crichton(the creator of ER) came into the picture and replaced Franchine Pascal.A high school student once I was,novel reading was minimised but  at every chance I could get,checking out new novels has always been my favourite agenda on my outings.

In Medic School days,when I was freezing in my 410 during winter on semester breaks,the-just-nice-warm temperature of the room from the heater,a cup of coffee with slowly tuned on favourite collections of songs in the background,cuddling under the blanket with a good novel had always been the most memorable and best activities which I had always looked forward.As you would have guessed,as you grow older,your interests changes and Danielle Steel and Cecelia Ahern soon joined my list of best authors ever and I'm totally engrossed with them that  a month ago I even bought few books online..this time around,Dad didn't say anything,of course;)

The big names of authors which I mentioned earlier inspire me to read more and to become like them.I've always been marvelled at the thought of how imaginative one can be having had published novels which captivate the hearts of many.The touch of words and imagination is indescribable.All I can say,they are gifted personnel:) They bring us into their world of creativity.I learned the beauty of Paris from the novels I read which made me all in love with Paris and I was struck with awe when I visited the city and I would love to revisit the mesmerizing city once again.The western authors bring life to the novels.I could feel their admiration and love towards their countries when each plot of the novel were narrated in their own countries..Cecelia Ahern hails from Ireland wherelse Danielle Steel from Paris:)

Friday nights parties were encrypted in my mind based on their novels.It felt too good to read the novels and nothing seemed more interesting than those novels.I could go on reading without having have to take a break as how much these authors had made difference in their each novels.A good novel certainly makes one day better and I have 3 books waiting in line to be finished.I wish I have the time to just spread a sheet beside a crystal clear beach,and without any doubt,under a shady palm tree and lay down with a novel in my hand.How I wish so badly for that to happen!Prolly,a good vacation is all that I need!

Fairy tale stories of Cinderella is an all time favourite.Fairy tales,you wish your life is as it is how penned down in it.Nothing seems imperfect..everything is just so fine,with an happy ending in the end no matter how impossible it would have seem in the beginning.Novels put reality check in each read,they make you go all out so that you could feel the plot.Novels give you mixed emotions as you flip through each pages.

A good write wins the thumbs up of many as how an amazing read makes one day.

To all the extraordinary novelists,keep your most creative imagination running as not everyone is gifted like you.Entertain us,the readers as passion for reading a worthy novel will never wean off with time.

Perhaps,one day I will publish a novel with my own words?:)..Yes,that's one of my dreams:A Perfect spot on Eiffel Tower-a pen-blank A4 papers-whilst looking down the beautiful Paris:)

A Dream Of Mine.



Thursday, November 15, 2012

15th November 2012 @ 1600

So,another year of birthday passed.Birthdays used to be an event that I looked forward very much few years ago but now,no more.With age is catching up,my birth day is just any other ordinary day for me now.I'd rather keep and celebrate it on my own than cutting cake in front of a big crowd.But,when you have an enthusiastic sibling and blood related relatives,all you can do is to kneel down,make a wish and cut the cake and that's all about celebrating birthdays.

As there are more fine wrinkles started to appear on your face,I'm very much ascertained that I'm getting more wiser(I believe!).It's pretty much a tedious task to get your heart and brain to work in a par as they never could.There's no clear distinct line between what a heart or a brain can decide in life.They just love overlap in decision making and drive you up to the walls.

However,I know I;m not the only one being victimised by both of them.I learned not to let myself high on something or someone.It;s a big no no.Never.Staying calm and with a good insight thought on something can  save one from loads of trouble.

No one said it's going to be easy but being the me,I know I can get through hurdles that's already on my way.

A year older means a year wiser,hence I'm hoping for a better decision making and action by myself.

Good luck to me!